Why Real Time Crowd Analysis Matters?

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The main goal of retail stores is to attract the maximum number of customers and sell. That’s why retail stores attract thousands or even millions of visitors. This situation causes constant traffic flow. You can convert the traffic flow to many opportunities in the retail industry.

First, we can analyze the traffic flow. Thanks to these analyzes, we can provide you with a perspective on the performance of your store by providing you with the number of people entering your store, the busiest hours of the store.

Knowing the number of people passing by your store, the number of visitors returning from the store door, you can have a customer attraction rate. According to these data, you can increase the interest in your store with the right strategies.

Also, thanks to the Demographic Analysis Technology we will offer you, it helps you to highlight the products that will attract their attention and reach the target audience according to the age, gender and emotional states of the people entering your store.

It can be used not only in the store but also on digital signage your advertise. It helps you make the right advertising and marketing strategy by knowing which segment you are addressing with detailed demographic data.

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