What are the Advantages of Using Intelligent Analytical Platform?

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With the image proccessing devices, the number of customers visiting your operation fields, their demographic characteristics, age, gender and emotional state data are collected. This collected data ensures that it is correctly interpreted through the Intelligent Analytical Platform and these datas are presented in reports that can be understood to you. In this way, you can develop your business and marketing strategies correctly.

Track Your Sales:

With the data coming from your people counting devices, you can analyze the relationship between your in-store traffic and sales with the Intelligent Analytical Platform, helps you to manage the in-store layout, the number of paydesk opened and the number of personnel.

Number of Personnel Tracking and Distribution:

Regardless of which type of business you do, you can find bars, shops, galleries, etc. In order to provide the ideal service, we present the employee-customer ratio to you in reporting with the Intelligent Analytical Platform, and help you manage your business efficiently.

Measure the Impact of Your Marketing Campaigns:

A new product introduction, campaign promotions etc. Allows you to survey the effectiveness of the ads you provide for. The people counting devices that you have placed in the advertisements and businesses, and the data received using the demographic feature technology become readable and interpretable thanks to the Intelligent Analytics Platform. This helps you to understand the effectiveness of the advertisements / promotions you have made by understanding the pre-and post-campaign sales, visitor entrance-exit and interest.

Survey Your Marketing Strategies:

For example, you can measure the customer’s interest in the product according to demographic data and view data when promoting the product with digital advertising signage placed inside or outside the store. However, with the Intelligent Analytical Platform, you can produce accurate marketing and advertising techniques and increase your sales by making this data interpretable and easy reporting screens.

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