Advantages of Demographic Analysis Technology for Retail

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The effect of gender differentiation on shopping is very varied. For example, the choices of a man and woman are not the same. It also has an age effect. For example, the choices of a father and son are not the same. With demographic analysis technology, you can organize your store with strategic plans that appeal to all segments.

By knowing the demographic analysis of your visitors, you can highlight the products that will appeal to them, and make your in-store layout and showcase designs more personalized and optimize them according to demographic features, allowing your customers to show more interest in your business.

It helps you understand the emotions / satisfaction of your visitors in the store with the emotional analysis we used in Demographic Analysis Technology. By combining emotional state data and other analysis data, it helps you understand whether the overall service in your store is satisfactory by customers, and enables you to produce better and more accurate strategies.

You can ensure your customer satisfaction by knowing the age, gender, emotional states of customers and the differences between the behaviors of the demographic groups, and by providing the terms of service that will satisfy them according to customer needs.

It can be used not only in the business but also on digital screens you advertise. It helps you make the right advertising and marketing strategy by knowing which segment you are addressing with detailed demographic data.

For example, with the Demographic Analysis Technology you will use on the billboards and digital advertisement screens you provided during the campaign periods, by analyzing the detailed data about the age, gender, emotional state and viewing time of the people looking at the screen, by interpreting them with the Smart Platform, by providing you with effective reporting service, how much interest was attracted and how much It helps you to appeal to the people you want more with its marketing strategies.

With Demographic Analysis Technology, you can optimize your business processes, include all kinds of segments, and increase customer satisfaction.

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