Visitor / Watcher Counting

Measure the interest and attraction time of a selected location.

Detailed Demographic Analysis

Analyse gender, age, emotion status of your customers.

Queue and Crowd Analysis

Increase customer satisfaction by detecting and improving possible waiting areas.

Easy Installation and Use

Plug VisioSense to the power and start getting analysis.


It’s all about innovate your business

Each individual analyzed seperately and demographic data generated in the area where Visiosense is placed. From the Intelligent Analytics Platform detailed anaylsis can be made.
When an individual enters the range of Visiosense all demographic details are collected with exact durations of interest. All data are sent to the platform anonymously.
User can check specific campaign performence of selected Visiosense device or general location through Intelligent Analytic Platform for a selected time period.

How It Work?

  • Installation
  • Detection and Processing
  • Reporting

  • Install the device in the area where you want to analysis
  • Connect it to the power supply with MicroUSB cable
  • Connect it to internet through Wi-Fi, Ethernet or GSM (All options supported)
  • Check analysis and dashboards from Visiosense Intelligent Analytic Platform
  • Make business actions according to real data
Detection and Processing

  • Hardware based high-tech solution
  • Visiosense detects each individual in located area
  • Analyses images in real time
  • Converts all customer journey to detailed anonymous data
  • Anonymous data are sent to Intelligent Analytic Platform

  • User can reach detailed demographic analyses through platform
  • Actionable dashboards allow date and location based reporting
  • Custom report formats can be made
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) based
  • Cloud to cloud integration can be made

Visiosense Intelligent Analytics Platform